How to get Paid on Instagram without Compromising on Quality

Just recently, Quantum Sponsor changed their style of campaigning that allows influencers to create original content (link article here). With this new style of campaigning Quantum Sponsor is offering, influencers have just one question: how do you create quality content on Instagram, whilst meeting the needs of advertisers?

The good news is that by following the “how-to guide” below, you don’t have to sacrifice quality content. Your engagement will continue to increase if you simply keep a few things in mind as you post:

  1. Good quality photos are a must, however, contrary to popular belief you don’t have to spend big bucks on a high-tech camera with superzoom lenses and mirrorless flip up screens. Simply make whatever picture-taking technology you have work. The key is always, of course, lighting. Consider time and location to find the best lighting for your photos. Also, rather than using the pre-installed filters on Instagram, use an editing app such as Lightroom to meticulously alter the clarity, lighting, and color of your photos.
  2. Consider timing when you post. Thanks to the new Instagram algorithm, certain posts are less likely to be seen. Posting at the correct time can ensure maximum engagement. While research does support the idea that there are “best times” to post, such as Wednesday at 5pm, you should consider your own audience when planning the timing of your posts. Where are most of your followers from? What time zone are they in? What is their age group? Putting yourself in their shoes: thinking about their daily schedule will help you visualize when your audience will be most likely to scroll through Instagram. Once you have that knowledge of your specific audience, you can use an app such as Latergram to schedule posts around the times of highest engagement.
  3. Think about your theme. What is your focus? Are you a hardcore foodie, a fitness and health guru, or a celebrated thrift-store fashionista? Generally, instagrammers can increase their following simply by reflecting on what they do best and creating posts that go along with that theme. Visually, consider using a grid to create a magazine-like look; apps such as Plann or Preview will help users arrange their posts in an appealing manner.
  4. Create engaging captions. Your captions should be as consistent as your photos, and should tell a story that matches your theme. Despite what many believe, captions are read, and often they can go that extra mile to ensure your post gets seen, liked, and talked about in the Instagram community. Will you write short, quirky captions? Or will you write long, informative paragraphs? Think about what your specialty is, and post accordingly.
  5. If you’re really looking to become an Instagram guru, consider taking a course in social media. This will teach you tools and strategies you can use to create a unique personal brand that will attract followers from all over the world. In addition, there are plenty of online and in-person workshops one can invest in to increase their following.

Most of all, be authentic and have fun! Consider utilizing the above strategies when posting through Quantum Sponsor, and this will help create a story that is uninterrupted by a few sponsored posts here and there. Once your Instagram begins to reflect your personal brand, people will naturally be drawn to your feed!