Former CIA operative, girl scout leader and Glen Allen resident Abigail Spanberger made history on November 6, 2018 when she successfully flipped her district from a red one to a blue one. As a Democrat, she was up against incumbent Dave Brat, a former economics professor and Member of the U.S. House of Representatives since 2014, and the district itself had been republican since 1971.

Spanberger Made History in the 2018 Election

It was a close election, Spanberger won the historically conservative district 50.3% to 48.5%.

Spanberger’s success is attributed not only to her message of integrity, experience, and strong leadership abilities, but also to the way in which she ran her campaign. In conjunction with a traditional grassroots campaign, Spanberger’s campaign recognized the importance of social media in getting their message across to younger voters. They also recognized that the most authentic and effective way for younger voters to learn about Spanberger was from other younger voters who they had real relationships with.

Spanberger and Members of her Community

Enter Quantum Sponsor. Abigail’s team hired Quantum Sponsor to create a campaign that leveraged the power of local nano-influencers to make authentic peer-to-peer recommendations to one another. These authentic recommendations and social media shares contributed greatly to getting her message across to younger voters, and eventually to her victory over Brat.