The difference between an instagram user and an influencer is the ability to create a conversation with others, and a continuing narrative that others will be drawn to.

Instagram is not merely a place of endless scrolling, of social media consumption – it’s a place where users can be authentically who they are, can offer value to their audience, and speak directly to others.

But just how do you know how to set apart the mere “Instagrammers” from the Influencers? Well, let’s just ask Quantum Sponsor CEO Andrew Silverman.

Silverman says “we’re all influencers to some degree”.

Being aware of this status, and your ability to reach an audience when you post – helps you take that extra step to reflect and consider how to bring value to your audience.

The next time you post, think about how you can connect with your target audience. You will be sure to increase engagement in this manner. To learn more about creating a stronger following, read a recent post here.

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