Often the best promoters for a small business are its current customers. Case in point: Common Market in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Common Market has been a gathering place for artists, foodies, beer connoisseurs and neighbors of the Plaza Midwood community since 2002. The hipster-friendly market sells an eclectic assortment of foods, snacks, craft beer, and wine that you can’t find anywhere else in the city.

Though Common Market was bustling on Thursday nights and through the weekend, Wednesday nights were slow. The Market brought in less than $3,000 on average on Wednesdays—barely enough to cover the cost of being open. That’s when Common Market employee, James, had an idea: Hip Hop Wednesdays.

Many people in the hip-hop community in Charlotte were Common Market patrons already. James invited them to play small shows at Common Market, and many artists were eager to play. 

This is when James also brought in Quantum Sponsors to help spread the word about this new, recurring event. Artists and other Common Market fans were paid to promote the shows to their Instagram networks using Quantum Sponsor. It was a win-win: artists got to share their music with fans and they earned extra money for simply promoting those shows and Common Market.

The first Hip Hop Wednesday was a success. So were the ones that followed. These days, Common Market consistently pulls in over 5 figures on Wednesday nights. The total they paid for that initial campaign… just $150.

Hip-Hop Wednesday was an instant success because people learned about it from artists and Common Market customers they already knew and trusted. Quantum Sponsors just provided the engine and incentive to get the ball rolling and encourage those recommendations to happen.