In a city saturated with restaurants, bars, and food trucks, finding the perfect spot for Sunday brunch can be overwhelming. Many turn to instagram to preview the choices, because the scouting work has already been done for them. Instagram offers more personal insight into local food scenes rather than a generic search engine. With hashtags, re-posting options, and captions, Instagram can be a tool to promote local businesses and to help Influencers grow in their following.

Foodie Influencers are a growing tribe of food-lovers, looking to share a taste of their foodie escapades using social media. There is something a little more personal about choosing, let’s say, a diner because someone on Instagram photographed a perfect stack, and compared the fluffy nature of the stack to their Mom’s special buttermilk recipe in the caption. Then, too there’s something kind of special about seeing the cultural connection to the food, and learning about the roots of a dish. Food tells a story. Foodies use Instagram as a platform for helping that story to be heard.

Food Nomad is one of those foodie influencers currently based out of D.C. With Filipino roots and an upbringing in multiple cities in Canada and the United States, Leandro, the man behind the popular instagram account Food Nomad, has found his niche in D.C. restaurants that present classic dishes, with a twist.

Leandro’s captions tell a story, and often they are personal: ones about friends and family. Like any Influencer, he uses hashtags to draw a specific audience. In addition, he gives frequent shout outs to other bloggers and foodies in his captions. It is clear that Leandro, is a part of a broader tribe. He has built relationships with others doing work similar to him, a key component in the world of social media.

According to Leandro, there’s no typical day for an instagram influencer. Sometimes the schedule is based around events, and other times its just based off of an inclination for what one wants to eat, or what’s new in town. The life of a foodie Influencer is a busy one, especially in a city with new grub spots popping up frequently.

To create a quality foodie post, Leandro starts with research about the food. In addition, he gets insights from the chefs themselves to talk about the food and the food industry in general. He focuses on the subject, and learns a great deal about the cultural roots, the creative concepts, and the technical aspects behind the dishes in order to create quality posts that accurately reflect the chef’s intentions.

For Leandro, food is not just fuel or nourishment. It holds a unique kind of power to draw audiences in, and to bring people together, to one table to fulfill a basic human need in a creative way.

Leandro muses, “I always think about food and sitting down with people to eat as the great equalizer since we all have to eat and when were at the same table, were all equals. Also, all food has a story worth telling. There is always a story behind the history, the culture and the people behind what is served.”

There’s no doubt that Leandro is a lover of food. Food is special, something to be shared with the world through his popular instagram account, Food Nomad. Read more by visiting his blog. To get paid to post on instagram as an influencer, sign up as an Influencer with Quantum Sponsor today.