Recently, Quantum Sponsor launched a successful campaign in partnership with Kia Motors. Their entertaining video, released in 2017, features a hamster escaping from its hospital bed, causing chaos along the way. The hamster uses a blanket to parachute his way onto a speeding car on the street, an homage to the Kia Soul Turbo. The video mirrors the fast-paced lifestyle of Kia Motors’ target audience, millennials.

However, Kia Motors knew they needed to turn to social media to get the attention of their target audience.

Kia is leveraging the power of influencers to promote their company, rather than relying solely on traditional forms of advertisement. The logic is simple: if you’re going to reach your target audience, your advertisement should reflect the mediums that audience is most likely to engage in.

Enter: Instagram. It’s teeming with young twenty and thirty somethings who are looking to purchase their first new car, having said ‘hasta la vista’ to their old hand-me-down car from their parents. These are people who are not looking for a luxurious, flashy car but a sensible car that’s great on gas, reliable, and can get you not just from point A to B, but also to point C, D, and E. The Kia Soul Turbo is perfect for a fast-paced, on-the-go lifestyle.

Instagram is the perfect place for Kia Motors to advertise, because tapping into the world of influencers increases engagement for a number of reasons. First, viewers are actively engaged in the content simply because others in their network, those they follow, are endorsing it.

In addition, this campaign utilized reposting options to help expand its reach. The ‘share element’ and ‘tag your friend’ element allows for higher levels of engagement from audiences, increased interaction, and thus a broader range of exposure. Traditional advertisements, such as television, can captivate audiences but by also using an influencer campaign, Kia was able to reach their target audience, millennials, more effectively by drawing attention to their video advertisements.

Through working with Quantum Sponsor, Kia Motors paved the way for other companies looking to broaden their reach in the social media world. By using real people to help push forward their campaign, Kia Motors is providing a blueprint for others looking to reach target audiences.

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