A gourmet spread of fusion-style sushi, all for 60% off? Quantum Sponsor influencers living in the Washington D.C. metro area now have an available offer that allows them to sample the new menu at the hip restaurant serving up Latin-Asian fare.

The restaurant itself is on 14th Street, just off U-Street, a happening area and a foodie-haven. The facade features two large wooden doors, and there are no windows into the restaurant from the street: signaling that once you enter, your experience will be reminiscent of entering a private, members-only club.

Inside, there are two floors, the bottom featuring a long, open sushi bar to watch the chefs prepare your food. The decor is modern, the light is low, and the details are impeccable. The second floor has a retractable glass roof, with lanterns hanging from the ceiling and roses creeping up iron-caged mirrors on the walls, giving it an old-world romantic vibe. 

The concept combines latin and asian flavors to provide a unique, unmatched dining experience. Every dish is a surprising blend of flavors that reflect both latin and asian culture. Our experience at Sakerum was, from the moment we walked in, a cadence of flavors, scents and aesthetics.

Our favorite cocktail was the D.C. Chronic, an infused cocktail with green tea and egg white. We literally watched the bartender crack an egg when making the drink!

DC Chronic

The Burlee Walu Roll is a bright green roll with red deep sea crab salad, avocado, seared Hawaiian Walu, topped with matcha tempura crunch and served with wasabi tarragon sauce.

Burlee Walu Roll (@sakerumdc)

Want to have the same experience as us? Simply sign on to the Quantum Sponsor website with your login information, and click on the “Sakerum” offer. Read the instructions and you will find that there are specific days, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday that the discounted meal is offered. Make sure to call ahead so the restaurant can prepare a full VIP experience for you! Click here to check out the menu. 

Not only can you get a delicious meal at a discounted price, you can also get paid to post a picture to Instagram highlighting your experience. Simply take pictures while you dine, and then submit a proposal including both a picture and a caption. Want to learn more about this new style of campaigning? Read my previous blog post to see detailed instructions about creating your own posts!