Its time for Quantum Sponsor’s featured Instagram Influencer of the month. @AnotherTechLady and @just_karion are handles run by an inspirational Instagram influencer by the name of Kariette Fleming. Kariette is a 25-year old immigrant from Antigua and Barbuda making her way in New York City.

With a focus on beauty, inspirational messages, and tech humor, Kariette has attracted a combined  16,000 followers in less than a year. “I think people connect with the authenticity of my Instagram handles, and how relatable they are,” she claims.

Kariette works hard as a computer consultant, and deserves all the extra cash she gets from posting with Quantum Sponsor, and her ultimate goal is to become a life coach and relationship counselor.

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For Instagrammers who aspire to grow their followers and become influencers, Kariette has some advice: “Focus on getting your followers to trust and relate to you. Promote products and services that relate

 to your brand and you. That way your followers trust your recommendations more, and that makes you a better influencer.”