We’ve all heard of personal branding, but what is it, really? A simple logo? A website? Your vision, values, mission, and work all connect to become your “personal brand”. It tells your story, and sets you apart from others in the same line of work. Having a clear, consistent personal brand helps others have faith in your product or service, and helps build trust with lifelong customers and clients. It is that overarching feeling you leave with people, and the impression they have of you. More than an image, personal branding is something we actively do.

The practice of personal branding is an intentional, ongoing process that is essential for any influencer, business owner, or entrepreneur. Put simply, it is marketing oneself, or one’s business.However, it is not all about the product or service you are selling. At the center of personal branding, the focal point is you.

People want to know you, connect with you, and relate to you. Analyzing your own image is critical for a successful business because people will look to you, not just your product or service.

We must always engage in the practice of personal branding in order to put our best selves out there for the world to see. This process is active, rather than passive. We should view this process as a continuous practice that begins with self-reflection.

Here are some considerations to help you refine your personal brand:

  1. What is your passion?

This is an important question we must ask because there must be a clear driving factor. Your passion is that thing that makes you get up every morning and hustle. Simply narrowing it down to one statement, a vision can help us become more productive, more focused in our work.

2. What are your values?

Do you value personal insight, authenticity or creativity? Once you establish this, everything in your work should be alignment with and support those values.

3. Educate yourself.

There are so many opportunities for education that we should invest time and money in to help us grow our businesses. Listening to podcasts, attending network events, and enrolling in courses are all worthwhile opportunities that we should take advantage of.

4. Set goals.

Do you want to add 5 more clients to your list by the end of the year? Do you want to post daily on social media about a specific topic? Goal-setting is a practice we should engage in often as influencers, entrepreneurs and business-owners.

Personal branding is the “face” of your business. We must always put our best image forward to be successful.

Need some inspiration? Look at these examples of top-notch personal brands to inspire you to an elevated social media presence.