Quantum Sponsor Allows Influencers to Create Original Content

As of March 2018, Quantum Sponsor transformed the form campaigns take. Previously, our marketplace asked influencers to re-post content that advertisers provided. We found that some influencers were hesitant to post because it didn’t fit their brand. Often, advertisements can interrupt the flow of an instagram feed – however, with the ability to utilize original content influencers are now embracing the opportunity to post under the Quantum Sponsor logo. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Setting Up the Campaign

Advertisers have the option for influencers to provide the content, rather than using their own videos, images and captions. Influencers are more likely to utilize this sponsorship at it gives them more ownership in what they post. In addition, it also means higher levels of engagement because the content is more authentic when it is created specifically by the influencer.

To ensure that the influencers’ content aligns with the goals of the advertiser, they can select the option for influencers to create content that specifically matches what they are looking for. In addition, they can also type instructions for the influencers to follow. This promotes the campaign in a meaningful way for both the influencer and advertiser.

Step 2: Influencers Submit Proposals

This is a unique campaign process unlike standard re-post ones. Due to this, there are some additional steps for the advertiser and influencer.

Influencers who have been selected specifically will see an icon that looks like this in their ‘available offers’ section on their Quantum Sponsor account:

Influencers must submit a proposal to the advertisers with an image/video and a caption, and then the advertiser can choose to approve the post. First, influencers need to carefully read the directions that the advertiser has provided. Then, they submit their proposal. They do this by typing a caption once they click on the image, and uploading a video or image that they feel matches up with what the advertiser is asking for.

Step 3: Approval

Advertisers look at their campaigns and they can then approve or reject proposals from influencers based on the type of content they are looking for.

Once they approve a proposal, advertisers will be able to utilize that content as they have the rights to it.

Step 4: Influencers Post

Influencers receive an email from Quantum Sponsor upon acceptance of their post. Similar to standard re-post campaigns, a new offer will appear on their Quantum Sponsor homepage. Unlike re-post campaigns, however, It will have the approved content that they submitted to the advertiser. The influencer then takes the following steps:

  1. Click “accept offer”
  2. Save the video or image to their phone, and click “copy caption”
  3. Post the video or image to instagram exactly as is, and paste the caption
  4. Click “verify”

Funds will be listed as “pending” in their account balance and once the post has been up for 7 days, the funds will be available for withdrawal.

Step 5: Analytics & Reporting For Advertisers

Just like our re-post campaigns advertisers will be able to utilize analytics to generate a quantitative idea of how much engagement the post has created. They will be able to see exactly who has posted, how many followers they have reached, and how many likes/comments each post has received. In addition, they can also click on each influencer’s instagram to read all the comments on their posts.

This new style of posting allows for both influencers and advertisers to reach targeted audiences, and to provide content that is meaningful and authentic.