Recently, Quantum Sponsor partnered up with Hank’s Protein Plus, a company based out of Rhode Island. Their product is high-protein nut butter, but what makes them different is that their spreads are made fresh daily and without the added sugars, fats, and oils in regular peanut butter.

The spread is made with high quality nut blends, with added Whey protein. They are sweetened with splenda, so they are a good low-sugar option for those looking to maximize performance in the gym or maintain a healthier lifestyle. The spreads come in a variety of flavors including snickerdoodle, chocolate chip, and coconut. There are vegan options, too, which allows more customers to walk away happy with a product that fits their needs.

According to Hank, a personal trainer, certified nutritionist, and entrepreneur, the product was “originally intended for a few diabetic clients that I worked with on a nutritional level who needed more protein but without the junk that is in regular store bought peanut butter”. The nutritional labels for each product are posted clearly on the website, as well as the list of ingredients.

During this campaign, 77 QS influencers worked with Hank’s, generating 3757 likes, 155 comments, and reaching 437,456 followers. Influencers posted an advertisement, with a 10% offer in the comments.

The product is sold in select retail stores, but also can be ordered directly from their website.

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