You post something intriguing. Suddenly, there is a list of post notifications on your phone screen – likes, comments, and other little reminders that your audience is watching you. They are engaged; they like what you’re saying and doing.

Those are your people. They are silently supporting you through the likes, comments and direct messages. Quantum Sponsor is introducing a new tactic to say “thank you” to those people, whilst helping support the goals of advertisers.

Sponsors can direct message accounts who like and comment on Influencers posts with special offers and discounts.

This allows Influencers to build relationships with others, and helps them gain a larger following.

The offers and discounts are a way of giving back to those who interact with Influencers posts, and a way of simply saying “thank you”. This will also encourage those who comment and like to follow the Influencer, if they are not already.

Offering more discounts and special offers helps push forward the the campaign, promotes the cause, or encourages others to buy that product. Put simply, it allows the message of the campaign to gain more exposure.

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